Online Coaching

You will receive a personalised meal and training plan tailored to you and what you want to achieve.

Whether you want to train your full body, mostly abs, just booty or only legs, you can follow a plan that suits your needs and what YOU want to accomplish.

You can directly track your progress in my app and contact me via the chat if you have any questions.

What are you waiting for?


You will have access to a workout plan tailored to you and to your goals. Whether you want to lose or gain weight at the gym or anywhere you want, whether you are a beginner with little experience or an advanced trainer ready to take your workouts to the next level, this plan will help you step by step into your fitness journey.

Access hundreds of home workouts whether you have little to no equipment or weights at home you can find workouts that will help you achieve your goals! Step by Step video workouts designed to help you grow your glutes and tone your full body to make you feel confident and stronger. New workouts will also be updated on a regular basis to help you progress with your journey!

Access hundreds of gym workouts that are specifically designed to maximise your gains at the gym and to help you grow your glutes and tone your full body. Access step by step video workouts which demonstrate how to perform each exercise correctly. New workouts will also be updated on a regular basis to help you progress with your journey!


Whether you want to lose weight, build, gain or maintain you will get access to hundreds of recipes that will suit your goals. More delicious meals will be updated on a regular basis so you never get bored. Tasty and High protein Vegan Options included!

I am committed to helping you from every possible angle so if you wanted some 1 to 1 support you can always contact me personally and I will always be available for you! You will be part of my famiglia so your success is my success. I want YOU to truly achieve your goals!

You will never be on your own on this journey, you will get access to a private Facebook group for Q&As, motivation and more recipes and workouts. Join my international family. No matter where you are in the world, you can access this from anywhere! Real transformations, real people!



Hi, I’m Chiara and I’ll be your Personal Trainer for your whole journey.

I used to suffer from eating disorders, struggle with my body image and hate my body and myself. When I was younger, I was bullied so my confidence used to be very low.

When I started my self-love journey I signed up to the gym. I wasn't training to look a certain way, I was doing it to become more confident, feel stronger and feel powerful. I researched into the field, obtained my Personal Trainer qualification and started training people from all over the world.

I transformed my body and my mind and I keep transforming thousands of people every day. I take pride in what I do because nothing makes me happier than helping someone feel confident and become a better version of themselves. I am extremely proud of every single person that follows my plan and I always put my heart and soul into helping others achieve their goals.

I want to see YOU achieve your goals; I want to teach you all about training and nutrition, but also all about loving yourself too. I will support you and take the time you need to explain everything in detail; even if you need extra support or motivation. Let's do this together!



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